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Rs. 1,899.00
What's better than adorning blue on a day out? A mix of two shades of blue! Our Ombre collection presents these Italian enamel and Sterling Silver earrings that are our fun take on ombre colours.  CATEGORY: Earrings MATERIAL: 925 Sterling Silver, Italian Enamel STONES: NA  COLOR: Silver, Blue  WEIGHT: Approx 3.9 GMs ARTICLE NUMBER: ER0218-B
What's better than adorning blue on a day out? A mix of two shades of blue! Our Ombre collection presents...

Drop Earrings for You

We all have an overflowing collection of earrings but drop earrings are something every woman is fond of. Drop earrings have the power to elevate your look and your overall style. It has the ability to give you a very sophisticated yet classy look. Drop earrings can be used for both a simple office look or for a glitzy party look. Our drop earrings are made using colourful naturally occurring gemstones. In different geometric shapes for an eclectic look. Are you someone who loves to make a make a bold statement? Or you are someone who loves to create a subtle but chic look? Well, we have drop earrings that are perfectly suited for both your needs. We cannot deviate from the fact that earrings are a versatile piece of jewellery and is something that goes with all outfits. But yes of course you don’t want to style them by being boring and usual. Our wide range of drop earrings goes very well with any look that you wish to create, whether you are going for a magical date night or for a sunny Sunday brunch and you are good to go with TALISMAN’s range of drop earrings. You can effortlessly up your fashion quotient and add sophistication to your ensemble by shopping for women’s drop earrings online from TALISMAN. Our drop earrings come in different sizes, you can choose to wear long dangle earrings for any special occasions or parties and accentuate your office look by adorning yourself with short dangling earrings. When it comes to styling everyday looks, drop earrings made using 925 sterling silver, Italian enamels, natural semi-precious stones and natural gems bring a special element into the mix.

Drop Earrings from TALISMAN

TALISMAN is one of India’s leading jewellery manufacturers that provide its customers with a stylish range of drop earrings which varies between a price range of INR 1499 to INR 4999. With a wide variety of designs, styles and gemstones that are available in different colours, you can select any pair of drop earrings that goes with the colour of your outfit. If you are planning to go for a wedding or an engagement party or even looking to dress up for a party, our gemstone studded drop earrings are perfect for any ethnic or special occasion. We also have sleek and delicate earrings if you prefer something elegant and our silver stick drop earrings are your perfect go to option for the same. If you are looking for something to stand out in any party or looking to be the belle of the ball, you can pair a gemstone drop earring with a gemstone stud earring of the same colour to create a mismatched unique and powerful style combo. Drop earrings have the ability to complement one's Outfit Of The Day and get a lot of attention, the reason being that there are no special requirements to wear earrings, like matching pendants or rings.

Buy Drop Earrings Online

At TALISMAN, we have a plethora of options to choose from when it comes to your silver jewellery needs. You can choose to wear oversized drop earrings or adorn sleek silver stick drop earrings or even wear longer danglers, depending on what the occasion is. There are two types of people maximalists who love to wear flashy and chunky oversized designs and minimalists who love to wear something that’s dainty, if you are someone who loves wearing earrings but like your jewellery to be delicate and dainty then you should go with our colourful gemstone studded earrings. They are as elegant as they are classy and very dainty pieces to go with your style. So, shop for silver earrings online from TALISMAN as a pair of drop earrings are bound to look gorgeous and accentuate both your outfit and your overall look.